Here at Koda Soda we dedicate ourselves to creating a healthy alternative to a childhood favorite, soda. Our goal is to provide families with a delicious, refreshing beverage option, without all the added sugar that sodas typically have. Childhood diseases such as obesity and diabetes have been linked frequently to soda consumption, due to it's dangerously high sugar content. You and your family deserve the best, which is why Koda Soda only uses the best, organic, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice, without ANY added sugar. This way, we can guarantee a guilt-free beverage consumption experience.  In fact, you can feel wonderful about consuming Koda Soda since drinking juice in it's raw and organic form has countless incredible health benefits. With Koda Soda you can enjoy all the benefits of naturally sweet, organic, cold-pressed juice... plus BUBBLES! Really, who doesn't love bubbles? 

Why Koda?

The Koda Story

The idea of Koda was born around ten years ago when Jon Friedman, a new dad, was trying to find a healthy alternative to soda for his daughter, Katelyne. He came up with a mix of Apple juice and Pellegrino, creating Apple Soda! This new drink quickly became a favorite of Katelyne's, and Jon knew he was on to something. After working for various organic juice companies, Jon then came up with the idea to take the organic, raw, cold-pressed juice and carbonate it to create an endless variety of organic juice sodas. The name Koda represents Kid's Soda, a simple, healthy, and delicious option for children everywhere. 

Get to Know Us

The Benefits

Delicious and nutritious, the juices in Koda Soda are pretty sweet (no pun intended!), they are packed with minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and whole living enzymes that are typically found in the whole fruit.